We offer a broad range of innovative fire protection systems that are fully compliant with the Building Code and Australian Standards. Our systems can be tailored to your needs and we work with you from design through to certification.


Our maintenance and repair work is carried out in compliance with Aust Standard:1851-2012. Our professional technicians service a broad range of fire safety equipment ranging from alarm systems to sprinkler systems and more.


Our team of professional fire safety technicians can carry out your Annual Fire Safety Statement as well as ensuring any repair work or new construction work is carried out in accordance with the Building Code and Australian Standards.


Our team of licenced electrical contractors can assist by offering a range of electrical services.

Beaches Fire Services

Fire prevention is our ultimate goal and with over 15 years experience in the fire protection industry, our team has the confidence to take on any job, no matter how big or small.

Beaches Fire Services provides a broad range of fire protection services including the installation and maintenance of fire protection equipment such as alarms, fire doors, sprinkler systems and much more. All work carried out by our staff and equipment that we use is fully compliant with the Building Code of Australia and Australian Standards. When you deal with Beaches Fire Services you can be safe in the knowledge that your building will be compliant.

It is a Government requirement in NSW that all commercial buildings lodge an annual fire safety statement to both the fire brigade and the local council. Here at Beaches Fire Services our team can carry out any required inspections, repair and advise you in relation to any defective equipment and once compliant issue you with the AFSS.

In addition to carrying out installations and inspections our team can work with your builders during the entire construction process. We can assist with the design of the system, installation of the components and certification of the project once compliant and completed. Here at Beaches Fire Services in Sydney we value long term business relationships. We want to keep your building and your employees safe on an ongoing basis.

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Inspection, Testing & Maintenance

Annual Fire Safety Statements

We carry out all fire inspection, testing and maintenance works in accordance with Australian Standards.

When you deal with Beaches Fire Services in Sydney your building will be in good hands. Our professional staff keep up to date with any changes to standards and will check that your fire protection equipment is not just operational but is also totally compliant with current standards.


Installation, Construction & Repairs

Tailored fire protection systems

From conception to construction to certification, our solutions suit your specific building and comply with Australian Standards and the Building Code of Australia.

Our team of professional fire protection staff will work with your designers and builders to ensure that our fire protection solution not only complies with the required standards but also works for your specific project budget.


Annual Fire Safety Statement

We've got you covered

We ensure all your essential fire safety measures are inspected, tested and maintained throughout the year so we can provide a current Fire Safety Schedule, which the owner will need to support the AFSS which needs to be lodged with your local council and the fire brigade.

Our staff can also advise of changes to legislation which may have an impact on equipment that may need replacing in the future.